Meta blog

The translation of “meta blogging” goes something like “blogging about blogging”. I don't like it. The reason being that, when I read a blog, I'm not interested in the blog itself. I'm interested in the topic of the blog. I don't care what the author has been up to recently and I'm not interested in whatever adventures he pulls himself through in order to splash his letters onto my screen. I suspect that my readers share that indifference to information relating to my persona and, thus, I'd like to keep any such uninteresting details at a minimum (I'm not doing a particularly good job here).

Objective meta-meta blog

Many meta blog entries are concerned with the responsibility of the author and the fact that the author haven't managed to actually author anything for a while. The readers are supposed to have been subjected to great distress in the absence of quality content to digest off the pages of the blog in question, and therefore it lies within the author's responsibility to maintain their hunger for information with a steady flow of well thought out entries.

Subjective meta blog

My readers are a sparse collection of nerds, friends, acquaintances, my brother and hopefully a few others (please say “hi” in the comments). However, I believe that my responsibility as a writer is proportional to the size of my reader base. Because of the small size of that reader base, I believe my responsibility is limited to not lying and deliberately spreading misinformation on these pages. I'm sure I don't have to produce a certain quantity of text in order to meet the expectations of my readers. And I haven't produced much of anything here lately. In the future, however, the updating of this blog will probably be just like my reader base – sparse. Maybe I'll post every two weeks or something along those lines.

After all, I write for my own pleasure. This blog fulfills a need to discuss some topics that I have no other media for, even if it means I'll discuss them with myself. And it helps me practice my English and general language skills.

So, hopefully you'll hear from me in the future and I'll be able to sense your presence from the slow ticking of the stat counter or from the precious few comments to my entries. Until then, have a nice day.

Oh, and I apologize for this entry.


Anonymous said...

"Hi" from your Brother ;-)

....and more nerdy articles to the World!

Valterego said...

hi :-)

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